Chapman: Party of a Million

Lord, where have I been this past week? It’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything. Defeats the purpose of having my own site (notice how I’m avoiding calling this a blog when that’s what it is…) if I don’t post anything. So, what’s been occupying my time? Class. I’m back at it, trying to finish my MA. I’ve taken a brief hiatus from … Continue reading Chapman: Party of a Million

Politically Fly (For A White Guy)

I’m making my students read an article from The New Republic called, “Flapper Jane.” It’s about a stereotypical 19-year-old woman (who, by the way, is positively adamant that she is not part of “the younger generation.” Those girls are 15-17) who made waves by how she dressed and how she thought. From time to time I make them have an online discussion where they have to write a response and reply … Continue reading Politically Fly (For A White Guy)

15 Things “They” Banned From Us to Make Our Lives, Like Miserable. SMH

I recently spent a day in the front office of our school completing a project to assist in class choices. Because most people do not find that sort of thing entertaining, I’m going to bypass the details of this project and merely discuss a thought or two I had while being present in the office. I was reminded about all that goes on in a … Continue reading 15 Things “They” Banned From Us to Make Our Lives, Like Miserable. SMH

Stupid Be What Stupid Do

I’ve recently re-discovered the joys of getting a nice little delivery van load of news in the morning through the Skimm and their email system. I wake up. Get a shower. Open my email on my phone, and read about stuff. It’s the American Dream. And if there was a water-cooler-discussion-worthy story on the American Dream, you’d be able to read about it in The Skimm’s … Continue reading Stupid Be What Stupid Do

Worthwhile Wednesday: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Did you catch the State of the Union last night? I watched it while I cooked some lunch for the rest of the week. I’m one of those people who cooks and eats the same thing for lunch every day. Wonder what that says about me. When politics are at the doorstep, they usually travel with an entourage of agenda and spin. Well, I went into the … Continue reading Worthwhile Wednesday: Do You Hear What I Hear?

There’s Always More to a Story

It’s amazing how long it takes to post a blog post comes when your actual job starts taking priority. Oh, how I miss those days of lethargic lounging during the winter holidays having time to write. Since I’ve found a minute or two, I guess I’ll try to write some thoughts down. Towards the end of 2015, Netflix jumped on the true crime bandwagon and produced an … Continue reading There’s Always More to a Story

My Desk, the Island

I wrote this a little over year ago, and it was on one of my various blogs (which I have no clue how to get into it now). So, I thought I’d share it again. It still rings pretty true. ——————————————- My desk at school is a mystical place. More often then not it’s cluttered with various forms that need to be filled out, receipts … Continue reading My Desk, the Island