To the Class of 2016

If you ask any teacher worth his or her salt, they’re going to tell you that every student is special. There is a special place in the heart of every teacher for their students.But once you get past the generic mushy mess, the sentimentality varies in degree from one class to another, from one student to another. That being said, I’m pretty partial to the … Continue reading To the Class of 2016

MC’s Haworth Makes me Want to be Better

–DISCLAIMER: When my Journalism class starts (one day), I’ll make them “blog” about the experience of preparing an article. This is one of those blog posts.– I’m not talented at many things. I always say my only real talent is growing a beard—and that’s credited to hairy jeans and laziness. Clay Norton, our AD, says I’m knowledgable about all things, master of nothing. I’ll take it. … Continue reading MC’s Haworth Makes me Want to be Better

Go Climb a Tree

First of all, a huge thank you goes to Paige “Peach Cleaner” Hutchison for bringing this to my attention. Have you heard the one about a man in Seattle stuck in a tree? If you haven’t, here’s a brief rundown: A man in Seattle—a disgruntled man in Seattle—climbed to the top of the icon downtown 80-foot sequoia tree and started hurling things at would-be rescuers. … Continue reading Go Climb a Tree

The Messy Life is The Good Life

Have you ever heard of the word ideal? Of course you have. But have you ever thought about what it means? Scholars across the world (and salesmen, for that matter) have tried to define what ideal is. Is it perfect? Is it attainable? Is it even real? Can human beings even understand the ideal? Everyone from Socrates to Aristotle to Plato to Immanuel Kant to Kanye West to Billy Mays … Continue reading The Messy Life is The Good Life

The Perks of Being an Early Bloomer

We’ve been discussing the Postmodern idea in one of my classes that there are no new stories around. Everything is a re-utterance of the past. It’s the idea that history repeats itself (or as my wife would correct me, “trends in history” repeat themselves). Creation, death, dragons, unicorns, Thor—all archetypes from around the world throughout history. In our efforts to clean out and pack up … Continue reading The Perks of Being an Early Bloomer

Looking Forward by Looking Behind

I’d say it’s been a while, but that’s just repeating some things. Driver? Stop Here, Please One of the perks of being an academic teacher who is licensed to drive a bus is that I’m occasionally asked to drive on field trips. Not all field trips are equal, and some are complete wastes of time, but this one was a good’ne. Our AP English teacher … Continue reading Looking Forward by Looking Behind

Chapman: Party of a Million

Lord, where have I been this past week? It’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything. Defeats the purpose of having my own site (notice how I’m avoiding calling this a blog when that’s what it is…) if I don’t post anything. So, what’s been occupying my time? Class. I’m back at it, trying to finish my MA. I’ve taken a brief hiatus from … Continue reading Chapman: Party of a Million

Politically Fly (For A White Guy)

I’m making my students read an article from The New Republic called, “Flapper Jane.” It’s about a stereotypical 19-year-old woman (who, by the way, is positively adamant that she is not part of “the younger generation.” Those girls are 15-17) who made waves by how she dressed and how she thought. From time to time I make them have an online discussion where they have to write a response and reply … Continue reading Politically Fly (For A White Guy)

15 Things “They” Banned From Us to Make Our Lives, Like Miserable. SMH

I recently spent a day in the front office of our school completing a project to assist in class choices. Because most people do not find that sort of thing entertaining, I’m going to bypass the details of this project and merely discuss a thought or two I had while being present in the office. I was reminded about all that goes on in a … Continue reading 15 Things “They” Banned From Us to Make Our Lives, Like Miserable. SMH

Stupid Be What Stupid Do

I’ve recently re-discovered the joys of getting a nice little delivery van load of news in the morning through the Skimm and their email system. I wake up. Get a shower. Open my email on my phone, and read about stuff. It’s the American Dream. And if there was a water-cooler-discussion-worthy story on the American Dream, you’d be able to read about it in The Skimm’s … Continue reading Stupid Be What Stupid Do