Go Climb a Tree

First of all, a huge thank you goes to Paige “Peach Cleaner” Hutchison for bringing this to my attention.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.21.01 AM
From KOMO News

Have you heard the one about a man in Seattle stuck in a tree? If you haven’t, here’s a brief rundown: A man in Seattle—a disgruntled man in Seattle—climbed to the top of the icon downtown 80-foot sequoia tree and started hurling things at would-be rescuers. According to KOMO News, he has hurled an apple (an actual apple, not an iApple), pinecones, and limbs at emergency workers who have attempted to save him.

As of this morning, he is still atop the tree, sleeping like a baby bird in his perch. He has, however, asked for some Camel Crush cigarettes, and his request was acquiesced. Disgruntled but particular.

From what I’ve read—and let’s face it, I haven’t read much on it—his purpose for said act of defiance is not necessarily known at the time. He is merely, as the article stated, a man “with a long beard and wool cap.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.10.09 AM
I Support the @Man_In_Tree

This social phenomenon has already taken Twitter by storm, having a hashtag (#ManInTree) as well as Twitter account.@Man_In_Tree. He even has a “Support Ribbon” floating around the inter web.

Some of my favorite Tweets I’ve seen:

When asked why, Man_In_Tree responds with:

“ok, the man in the tree has lasted long that some of my relationships #manintree”

“#manintree I’m your first crush”
Which is replied with “We do have some good chemist-tree”

“#manintree is kinda hott”

“What if #manintree never comes down?”

Seriously, though.
Viral incidents like this are breeding grounds for quality jokes, but we tend to miss the point that something is clearly wrong with the people who put on such spectacles.

KOMO News has had a camera on him the entire time, allowing (semi) productive individuals like myself to watch a man sit in a tree. And literally, the address for this site is www.manintree.com.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.05.29 AM
From KOMO News

I’m assuming there’s a delay on their live feed, but it does make me wonder about videoing and streaming such events. Is this news? I mean, we’re talking about it, so I guess so, but is it truly something to waste our time on? What if he jumps? Will they stop the feed? And should we indulge in such behavior, both from the man in the tree and KOMO News. If I want attention, will KOMO live stream me?

If this is just a stunt, I can understand it, but what if it’s not? What if it’s a prequel to something worse?

Only in America.
No. Only in Seattle. Only in Seattle will they fight for a tree, fight against at tree, fight with a tree and fight in a tree.

I officially hope the issue is resolved safely, but I unofficially have enjoyed getting to know the Man_In_Tree.

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