Go Climb a Tree

First of all, a huge thank you goes to Paige “Peach Cleaner” Hutchison for bringing this to my attention. Have you heard the one about a man in Seattle stuck in a tree? If you haven’t, here’s a brief rundown: A man in Seattle—a disgruntled man in Seattle—climbed to the top of the icon downtown 80-foot sequoia tree and started hurling things at would-be rescuers. … Continue reading Go Climb a Tree

The Messy Life is The Good Life

Have you ever heard of the word ideal? Of course you have. But have you ever thought about what it means? Scholars across the world (and salesmen, for that matter) have tried to define what ideal is. Is it perfect? Is it attainable? Is it even real? Can human beings even understand the ideal? Everyone from Socrates to Aristotle to Plato to Immanuel Kant to Kanye West to Billy Mays … Continue reading The Messy Life is The Good Life

The Perks of Being an Early Bloomer

We’ve been discussing the Postmodern idea in one of my classes that there are no new stories around. Everything is a re-utterance of the past. It’s the idea that history repeats itself (or as my wife would correct me, “trends in history” repeat themselves). Creation, death, dragons, unicorns, Thor—all archetypes from around the world throughout history. In our efforts to clean out and pack up … Continue reading The Perks of Being an Early Bloomer